10 Heat Styling Alternatives For Damage-Free Hair

Heat styling tools are an ingenious invention. You can style your hair splendidly. But something so perfect does have its demerits as well. Heat tools are the main culprit of hair fall and damage. This method styling hair can damage your recently dyed hair and your hair extensions, especially tape-in hair extensions. All hair extensions salons recommend people who get hair extensions to avoid or reduce heat styling. So, we have some alternatives to heat styling.

Wet Hair Braids

If you want to add that subtle wavy texture to the mane, without using a waver or a heat tool, that’s also going to lead to damage and extreme dryness, then you need to give this alternative a try.

You need wet hair, a brush, and a couple of hair ties. The best results will be seen if you leave this hairstyle as it is, overnight and do the grand reveal in the morning. Brush your wet hair out and if it’s getting dry, then spritz a bit of water to make the strands wet again. Now, braid your hair like normal. This means you should begin from the nape of your neck the tie your hair with a hair tie.

The wet hair is going to style the tresses in natural-looking waves. Now, it’s time for the waiting game. You need to wait for about 8 hours. If you can’t, wait for 4 hours and then keep checking if the hair feels dry when you touch it.

When you go ahead and unravel the braid, your hair will come out in waves. Set the style in place with a hair spray and that’s it.

Heatless Curls

Heatless curling kits are all over the internet nowadays and they’re certainly getting viral because of their nifty use. Say goodbye to your curling iron for good, because you can now curl your hair with rods that wrap around your head. It’s done using a heatless curling set, but you can also use fabric or paper strips to curl your hair without spending any money.

The main gist is that you wrap individual wet strands of hair around the rod/fabric strip and secure the whole thing by tying it together at the end. Once the hair completely dries, you can unravel the knots and the result will be beautiful and effortless curls.

The Roller Method

Straight hair seems like a far-fetched dream, especially if you’re not using a robust heating tool, but wait! There is another less damaging way by which you can straighten the majority of your hair.

For this, you need hair rollers and pins. Wet your hair and section it into thin strands. Wrap each strand around the roller and secure it in place with pins. Repeat the process until all of the hair is rolled. Wait for the hair to dry and unravel the rollers. Your will have super straight hair with a slight wave at the end that looks stunning.

Beach Waves With Salt Spray

Beach waves are tousled, bouncy, and extremely wearable. Guess what? You can achieve them without heat too! You need a good salt spray for your hair. Salt is nature’s hair spray and it adds a lot of body and texture to the hair, which is perfect for that beachy wave look.

Wet your hair. Then, apply salt spray to your hair. Give your locks a finger comb and a toss here and there, and you’re good to go!

When In Doubt, Scrunch

Scrunching hair is a very old technique that a lot of curly-haired girls use to give their unruly mane a tousled look. If you want to add some definition to your curls or a slight wave to your normally straight hair, then you need to try this trick out. It works best on wet hair.

Gather a reasonable section in your hand and scrunch it up towards the root. This will give your hair a very subtle wave and definition which you can then hold in place with hairspray.

Use Air-Dry Cream

For all of you curly-haired ladies, non-damaging heatless alternatives have you covered too. If you want to redefine the coil in your hair without putting it through the detrimental effects of heat, then an air-dry cream will be your best friend.

Apply the product generously on your wet hair and let it air dry. You will see how defined the strands will look and there’s no need for heating tools or diffusers. You can also use it on straight hair to give your mane a curly and wavy look.

Hair Wrapping

If you don’t have hair rollers on hand and want an instant way to straighten your hair without using a flat iron, then this technique will be a lifesaver for you.

Hair wrapping is also a very ancient technique used by women to naturally straighten their hair because heat tools were not a thing back in the 1800s. Hair wrapping is the technique of wrapping your wet hair around your head, in the opposite direction and pinning it in place.

Once the hair has dried, you can unravel the hair from the pins and brush it in the other direction and this is how you can achieve straight hair without putting it through the torture of heat.

It’s a lifesaver for women who just got highlights or balayage from a balayage salon Potomac and want straight hair. But they have to wait a bit because they can’t try a permanent hair straightening treatment right away after dyeing their hair.

Flip For More Volume

More often than not, women style their hair because they want to add a bit of oomph to their volume-deprived mane. Well, there is a way by which you can add instant poof and volume to your tresses without having to plug in the heat tools.

Wrap your hair over your head in a high top knot. Secure the hair with a claw clip and keep it like this between 30 minutes to an hour. The longer you keep the top knot in, the more long-lasting the volume will be. Once you let your hair down, the crown will have tons of volume.

Ponytail For Straight Hair

If you want your hair to remain straight after styling, then a ponytail will be your savior. Grab your hair and put it up in a ponytail of low to medium height. You don’t want to put your hair up too high, otherwise, gravity is going to pull on your hair a lot and the strands might break under severe tension. A ponytail also gets rid of the frizz and makes you look put-together.

Naturally Crimped Hair

French braids can be used to crimp your hair. Hair crimpers are all the rage right now, but there is a less damaging way by which you can achieve the same look. Braid your wet hair in French braids and if you want, you can start from the top of the head to give your entire mane a beautiful texture.

Once the braids are in place, you will need to wait for the hair to dry completely, before unraveling it to reveal naturally crimped hair. Lastly, set it in place with hairspray.


These tips and tricks will give you amazing results similar to any heat styling tool, but without the baggage of damage and frizz. These techniques are excellent for those who don’t want hair damage due to heat and also those who got hair extensions from salons that do hair extensions Potomac.


A Guide On How To Do Balayage On Straight Hair

Balayage is also called natural-looking highlights because no kinds of foils or patterns are used in this process. It’s considered an excellent way to get the sun-kissed look. If you have straight hair and are worried that hair color and highlights won’t look as good on you, think again. Balayage adds dimension to any type of hair and straight hair is no exception so don’t delay your appointment with a balayage salon.

However, if you want to take on the challenge and do it yourself, follow the steps in this guide.

Steps For Getting Balayage Hair On Straight Hair

Choosing The Color

The first thing is to choose the color you want to do. Although you can choose any color you want, there are some rules that you should follow to avoid colors that mismatch and ruin your hard work.

If you have brown color hair, you can go for balayage shades of ash or khaki. You should also look into caramels and honeys for making the color pop and adding the depth that balayage is known for.

However, if your brown hair is very dark, you should consider bleaching or lightening it before proceeding with lighter colors otherwise it may not appear as good. In case you have naturally light brown hair, other than caramel and honey, you should also try red, gold, or copper.

Women with light blonde hair would look amazing with cool beige or flaxen shades. However, if you have white blonde hair, you should avoid balayage and consider lowlights.

If you have warmer, yellower blonde hair, you should be looking for light gold or burnished yellow.

For red, straight hair, you can try other shades of red to make your locks interesting and beautiful. For instance, try cooler colors like strawberry if you have blue-red hair.

Get The Right Balayage Kit

For getting balayage hair, you should get a balayage or highlighting kit. These kits will make the process easier for you because it has all the essential items you need like a comb applicator, lightning formula, conditioner, plastic gloves, and also the much-needed instructions. Balayage kits are available at any beauty store. If you can’t find it at a beauty store, try a salon.

Additionally, if your hair is dark and you want to go for a way lighter shade, you would also need a bleaching kit for lightening the hair before applying the shade you want.

Apply The Hair Dye

Once you have bought the balayage kit, you’re in your home and ready to allocate time for balayage hair highlights Rockville, then prep the hair dye.

Follow the instruction on the balayage kit for preparing the dye. Hair coloring is infamous for spills so wear an old shirt and wrap a towel on your shoulders. Moreover, make use of the plastic gloves that are in the balayage kit as well. Plus, make sure your hair is clean and dry before starting the dyeing process.

Usually, you won’t need to lighten or bleach your hair for balayage because the dye formula in a balayage kit has ingredients that lighten hair without a need for bleaching. However, this is for mild lightening of hair. If you want a drastic change and want to lighten your hair, you will need a separate bleaching kit.

Patch Test First

Whichever hair coloring technique and shade you want to do, you should do a patch test first. So, select a thin strip of hair from the bottom part of your hair and apply a small amount of dye to it. Let it rest for the time shown on the package, rinse it, and see the results.

This will tell you the kind of shade your hair will get and you will also be sure that your hair responds well to the shade without any negative reactions.

Make Three Sections Of Your Hair

Sectioning is important in balayage so make sure you do it correctly. As you have straight hair, making sections may be easier. Take the tail end of a comb to move from one ear to the other hair through the hair to separate your hair into top, middle, and bottom sections.

You can make small buns of the above and middle sections of hair because you should start with the bottom section.

Apply The Dye

You should select the width of hair strips before dying. You can choose any width but if you want the best look don’t go over 1-inch-wide strips. So, the thinner the better.

Take the brush that comes with the kit or use your fingers to apply the dye. Dip the brush in the dye bowl and brush the hair strand that you’re holding with the other hand. When doing so, you should apply the dye heavily on the roots and go gentle when you reach the middle part.

When dyeing your hair for balayage, don’t forget that you should not dye your roots. The technique of going lighter with the brush strokes will give your hair the natural transition from one color to the other.

Furthermore, be cautious if you have short hair because many people with short hair cover more part of the hair strands with dye than they should.

Take a strand from the other side of your head and perform the same process as above. Keep doing this for all the strands. You can pick strands one inch apart from each other or any other length. The choice is yours.

When done with the bottom section, repeat the same steps with the other two sections one by one.

The reason we do the bottom section first is that hair at the bottom of the hair is usually darker so applying dye on them first will give them more time to process.

Rinse It After Leaving It For The Instructed Amount Of Time

Check the instructions on the kit again and leave the hair to process for the amount of time mentioned in the box. Normally, it’s 20-30 minutes.

Keep in mind when you give more time to the dye to process, your hair will be lighter. So, if you have dark hair and you want to lighter you should wait more, but if you like the dark shades of your hair, then rinse it out a bit quickly.

After this time, rinse the hair with the shampoo that comes in the kit. Moreover, you should also use a toning mask if it’s included in the kit. If not, get one separately and apply it after rinsing the hair with shampoo. There will be instructions about the toning mask on the box so leave it on the hair as instructed and then rinse it out as well.


You should repeat the same process whenever you notice that the effect is fading. However, will not need to do it frequently. It usually takes about 2-3 months before the color starts fading. Moreover, use a sulfate-free and color-correcting shampoo to keep your balayage shade fresh.


Balayage can add depth to your straight hair. You can try to do it yourself by following the steps mentioned above. Select the right color, focus on sectioning, apply the dye, and rinse. If you want a no-fuss balayage, then visit a balayage hair salon Rockville.


What Not To Do After A Keratin Treatment

If you want smooth and shiny hair, with no trace of frizz, then a keratin treatment by hairstylist is perfect for you. But, if you want to make this treatment last long, then you need to follow these tips so that your treatment doesn’t get ruined.

Say No To Regular Shampoos

After a keratin treatment, your hair needs extra moisture and protection, so a normal shampoo will not cut it for you. You need special shampoos which are catered towards treated hair, more specifically for keratin treatment.

These shampoos are not only going to effectively clean your hair, but they will also make sure that your treated hair remains vibrant and healthy for longer. When buying a shampoo for your hair, look for something which is a specialized keratin treatment shampoo, with extra protein and no sulfate.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Immediately

One of the biggest things you need to avoid after getting a keratin treatment done is washing your hair. After the treatment is done, your hair stylist will recommend that you don’t wash your hair for at least 2 days, if not for a week. This is going to make sure that the treatment doesn’t budge and your hair stays healthy and frizz-free.

You don’t want to wash your hair, because this is going to lead to extra damage and breakage and the whole treatment will be pointless. So, play the waiting game and avoid washing your hair for a good number of days.

Avoid Heat On Your Hair

A keratin treatment is going to get ruined if you heat treat your hair. Your hair is extremely delicate after the treatment and it is already straightened, so it’s better if you don’t style your hair any further and wait for a couple of days before you want to use heat on your hair for styling it.

Your hair stylist will recommend that you leave your hair be, for about a week or two, to give the treatment adequate time to settle in and work its magic. Heat will only ruin the treatment.

Stay Away From Water

This doesn’t just mean showering. You want to make sure that you don’t sweat or have external contact with water, especially if your treatment is recent. If it’s extremely rainy or humid where you are, try to protect your hair from sweat. To avoid hair damage, cover your hair with a good-quality cap and tuck all of the loose strands in.

This is going to make sure that there is no friction produced because of air and your hair will be protected from the damages of every possible weather, be it rain, extreme humidity, or snow. If you sweat a lot, then make sure that you avoid it from accumulating on your scalp and forehead.

No Tight Hairstyles

A keratin treatment doesn’t thrive well if you keep putting your hair in tight buns, ponytails, and other counter-protective hairstyles. Try to leave the hair loose and flowy and avoid putting it in tight and secured hairstyles.

Try to style your hair loosely and use claw clips or very loose hair ties to secure your hair. This is going to avoid kinks and knots in your hair and it will also prevent extreme breakage and hair fall. Loose hairstyles will also preserve the keratin treatment, prevent damage to your hair roots, and make your hair look shiny, frizz-free, and healthier.

Don’t Dye Your Hair Immediately

Last but not least, you don’t want to apply any harsh chemicals to your hair immediately after a keratin hair straightening treatment. It’s best to leave the hair without any dye for about 1 to 2 weeks, if not longer.

Your hair, after a keratin treatment, is extremely weak and any harsh chemical like bleach or hair dye can strip the hair of its moisture and make it look dull and lifeless. Try to put off the use of hair dye, and chemical products like clarifying shampoos and other things for a little longer. Otherwise, your hair may become dull and damaged.


There you have it! With these tips, your hair treatment will stay put for longer and you won’t need to constantly go to the keratin treatment salon Bethesda to fix the frizz.