Foods that Boost Metabolism

You might be thinking of how you can boost your metabolism through food, and you will find useful information here. Read more of this article to know more

Metabolism is comprised of chemical transformations that sustain your life found in cells. You might think that this concept is hard to grasp, and you cannot control it. That is totally untrue and there are ways to increase metabolism. If you are trying to lose weight or you simply want to boost your metabolism because of your health, there are foods you can eat every day to power up your metabolism.

You should never starve yourself in order to lose weight because there are healthier ways to shed off extra pounds. Here’s what you should eat:


Your body must carry out its process of burning calories effectively. The iron facilitates oxygen flow through your body, and it helps increase metabolism and energy. Lentils is one of the best foods you can consume that is packed with nutrients. Lentils contain high protein according to weight among all plant-based foods. They are a great substitute for animal protein in any recipe you do. Not to mention they have plenty of fiber. One cup of lentils gives you 35% of the iron you need in a day, plus the fiber and protein help with digestion.


Flaxseeds contain vitamins, protein, and other healthy nutrients. Some consider flaxseed as a “functional” food, which is why people eat them for health benefits.

Eating this boosts your metabolism and it improves metabolic syndrome, which are conditions that contribute to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Lean Meat

Your body works a lot harder when it digests protein compared to carbohydrates or fat. Eating lean meat such as white meat turkey and the chicken needs more energy for them to digest properly. In addition, all protein helps in preserving muscle mass so your metabolism is in tip top shape.

Chili Peppers

Spicy meals that contain dried or fresh chili peppers increase metabolism and the feeling of fullness. A pepper compound known as capsaicin is known for these health benefits and a lot more.

According to research, it is also suggested that the compound contributes to weight management because the body burns fat faster and your appetite is reduced.


Eating gluten-free oats are a very healthy whole grain food, which provides vitamins and minerals together with fiber, making them a satisfying breakfast food. Oats maintains your insulin levels low, which prevents spikes in blood sugar signaling your body to store the fat you consume, but oats also have a lot of fiber in them. While your body burns down fiber, it also burns calories.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Kale, spinach, and other vegetables under this category boosts metabolism because of the iron content. Iron is also an important mineral for your metabolism helping it grow and develop.

You should add these foods in your diet if you want a better metabolism for weight loss or health in general.