9 Outdoor Birthday Party Planning Tips

Birthdays are fun and exciting. And by considering an outdoor birthday party, you can open doors to many opportunities to make the day memorable for the kid or person. You should be consulting with tent rentals, venue managers, caterers, and more so a lot of hard work goes into planning a party and making it entertaining. Use the below outdoor birthday party planning tips.

Determine The Guest List

You can set a budget and make arrangements when you know how many people are going to attend the birthday party. So, the first step in planning any party is creating a guest list. You can make your guest list small or large depending on your budget.

Set A Budget

When you finally have compiled a list of the guest you want to invite, you can set a budget. But you need to create another list of the items needed for an outdoor party to set the budget.

Generally, common things required for an outdoor birthday party are:

  • Venue rental
  • Tents
  • Party decoration
  • Food, drinks, and the cake
  • Power supply
  • Catering
  • Invitations
  • Other costs

Identify The Amount Of Food And Drinks You’ll Need

Determining how much food and drinks to prepare is difficult even when you know the number of guests attending the party. So, use the general rule that each and every guest will have one and half of the food items (burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.) and one and half of the total drinks (juice, beverages).

You’ll also have to consider the menu. Keep in mind the type of guests when creating a menu. If it’s a kid’s birthday party, make the menu accordingly. Make sure your whole diverse guest list has something good to eat and drink.

Select A Venue

You’re planning an outdoor party, so you will be choosing a venue unless you’re throwing the party in your backyard.

When choosing a party venue, the first consideration is the cost. Other than cost, you should also think about how far the venue is from where you and the guests live. Moreover, the venue should have the visual appeal you’re looking for – for example, if you need a park-like venue where you can set up a tent and throw a party.

Choose A Tent

When selecting a tent, you should consider the number of people attending the party, the type of surface of the venue, the size of the venue, seating configurations, weather, and any other preferences of the host.

Moreover, there are various types of tents for parties. You can choose pole tents, frame tents, high-peak tents, pop-up tents, marquee tents, sailcloth tents, and more.

Party Décor

Decorations can bring life to your outdoor birthday party and can make it unique and exciting. You have as many styles and options as you can imagine. Generally, parties look pretty with string lights, outdoor rugs, flowers, pillow seating, solar path lights, table lanterns, and grass-wall panel backdrops.

Use Fans

Usually, outdoor parties are in summer. So, if the weather is hot, consider having some portable fans to offer the breeze your guests will welcome. Moreover, fans will also keep mosquitos away.

Furthermore, some outdoors have standing water which invites bugs. Avoid your party from becoming a bug party. Make sure to remove standing water from the place a week before if it’s your backyard. For other venues, make sure the venue is clean or talk to the manager.

Explain The Event In The Invitation

Your guests should know what to expect at the party. As it’s a birthday party, they have the idea already, but be sure to lay out the details if you can, the dress code or theme if you have set up any for the party.

Entertain Your Guests

A party can’t be without entertainment. At your birthday party, you will have guests of different ages, so you need effective entertainment ideas that keep the kids happy and also the adults.

You can plan different kids’ games and activities because they enjoy activities the most. For adults, you can use cards and similar games to keep them occupied. Many guests won’t mind if you let them sit back and relax.


You can make the outdoor birthday party entertaining and beautiful by planning properly. Make sure you’re hiring reliable party rentals Clarksburg for tents and equipment.