How To Choose A Rug For Guest Room

Your guest room should have the necessary décor items to give off a warm and friendly vibe. Therefore, you should consider incorporating an area rug for style and comfort. When selecting a rug for a guest room or any other room, you’re not limited to modern rugs, all Persian rugs are distinct but still go well with any house theme.

You should consider the below things when buying an area rug for a guest room.

Placement Of The Rug

You should determine where you want to place the rug before selecting anything else. There are different ways you can place a rug in your guest room aka bedroom for guests. However, the four common ways of placing a rug in guest rooms are:

The area rug is under the entire bed only and nothing else is on the rug.

The area rug is under the entire bed, nightstands, and a bench at the foot of the bed.

The lower 75% part of your bed and the bench at the foot of your bed is covered by the rug while the upper end of the bed and the nightstand don’t have a rug under them.

The lower 25%-50% part of the bed has a rug under it along with the bench at the foot of your bed. A good part of the rug is on empty space which can add more color and texture to a small guest room.

Size Of The Rug

Once you have determined the placement of the rug, selecting a size becomes a notch easier. It’s better to measure the area you want the rug on and shop for a rug of that size or near that size. But you should keep a few things in mind to avoid décor disasters.

For a small guest room, the rug size should be enough to cover the areas you want and but ensure the size should be 2-5 inches away from the walls. The rug and bare floor will visually enlarge the room.

If you’re getting an area rug for a large guest room, using a rug too small even when it’s covering the bed, nightstands, and a bench will appear small. The rug should be big enough to cover the room and leave out 8 inches of space between the rug and the walls.

More Items In The Guest Room

For large guest rooms that have a sitting area, vanity, or others, use multiple rugs. These rugs will allow you to define these spaces separately. It will add depth and beauty to the guest room.

Moreover, the area rug should not slip under the front legs of the dresser. Use a larger rug so the entire dresser can be on top of it or select a smaller rug that leaves at least 2-3 inches of space between the rug end and the dresser.

Guest Room Rug Materials And Styles

There is a huge variety of rug materials, textures, and styles. So, you should consider what kind of type and style you want for the guest room.

If you’re going for a warm, traditional-style guest room, use Persian wool rugs. For providing calm and comfort, find silk, polyester, and faux fur rugs. The patterns and colors are completely up to you, the color theme of the house, and which ones you find when shopping for rugs.

When considering rug materials, keep in mind their durability, stain resistance, and washability. Synthetic rugs are soft, durable, and washable while natural rugs give off a natural feel but are not easy to clean.

Use A Rug Pad

Even when your rug is under the bed and nightstands, you need a rug pad to keep the edges down. Moreover, a rug pad will provide extra cushioning and noise reduction. Not to mention that rug pads reduce the shedding of rugs and prevent frequent tugging resulting in a longer lifespan of the rug.

There are several types of rug pads. However, if you don’t want to spend time learning about the types, go for a natural rubber rug pad. It will ensure that the rug is non-slip and is also water-resistant.


To choose an area oriental rug VA for your guest room, follow the rug placement rules, select the right size, and look for colors and textures best for the theme of the room and house.