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How To Update Your Outdoor Fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is a blessing if you have enough space and money to spare. With time, outdoor fireplaces become outdated and need some updates to bring back a new look. But, considering the overwhelming options, the process soon turns into a nightmare. So, if you are confused regarding how to go about updating your outdoor fireplace, you have come to the right place. Let’s have a look at some important tips you need to consider before hiring outdoor fireplace or patio contractors.

Create A Plan

The very first thing you are going to do when it comes to updating your outdoor fireplace is create a plan. Even though the fireplace might be a small one, you still need to think it through and consider your options. Creating a plan helps you focus on the priorities and ensures your needs and preferences are met.

It is often the case that homeowners underestimate the significance of creating a plan only to end up tearing the entire place up again. Another noteworthy reason behind creating a plan is that you and the team of experts you hire for the task are in the same boat.

Regardless of the scale of the project, it is very easy to miss out on minor details that could cost a lot in terms of time and money in the future. Plus, if you are already working on a busy schedule and do not have the time to supervise the process, the plan will help guide the team in the right direction.

Consider Your Options

Since you have an outdoor fireplace already, you will need to look at options that help make it more visually appealing and practical. As mentioned earlier, once you are out there in the market, you will become overwhelmed with the options. At this point, it is very easy to get distracted and ignore your priorities.

So, to ensure that you pick the right options, you will need to consult the expert working on your project. You might think that every option works when it comes to updating outdoor fireplaces but you are wrong. Many things like the space, dimensions, and location of the fireplace help narrow down your options.

Define Your Budget

The next most important part of the process is defining the budget. From the outside, you might think that your outdoor fireplace is small and won’t require much spending but the options you pick will decide how much you are willing to spend on the project.

The basic principle of setting up a budget is considering your needs and preferences. Outdoor fireplaces are not supposed to be luxurious areas. They are used to spending some time with close ones in a comfortable and cozy manner. It doesn’t mean that you go on a luxury spending spree.

If you do that, you are most likely to ignore the basic needs. This is why you need to lay down a plan even if you have loads of money to spare. Once you make sure your needs and preferences are met, you can go for extra additions, decorative, or luxury items.

Upgrade Your Fire Pit To Gas

While you are updating your outdoor fireplace, it would be logical to upgrade from a traditional wood-burning fire pit to a propane model that provides a more controllable and reliable flame. The best thing about this is that you won’t have to worry about the woods and making a fire every time you intend to relax.

With a propane model, you can simply use a lighter to ignite and sit back and relax. Plus, modern outdoor gas fireplaces are relatively safer. They do not produce sparks and flying embers that could cause a fire. Once you are done spending time, you can simply shut off the gas and leave.

Update The Patio Furniture

Next comes the patio furniture. If you haven’t placed some outdoor fireplace furniture already, you will need to do so. The purpose of placing or updating the fireplace furniture is to accommodate more people and help them get more comfortable.

But it doesn’t mean you spend heavily on new chairs and sofas. Based on the outdoor fireplace space, you need to opt for chairs or other options ensuring everyone gets equal warmth. Plus, you can also renovate the existing furniture. Be smart with your decisions instead of making them in a hurry.

While you’re at it, if your patio itself requires an update, then consult patio builders Long Island for amazing ideas to update your patio.

Add A Touch Of Paint

An excellent way to update your outdoor fireplace is by adding a touch of paint. If you can afford it, you can also opt for tiles. In both cases, you will have to be extremely careful about how the fireplace will match the overall theme and vibe of the house.

Although, the outdoor fireplace can have a slightly different tone but not to the point where it makes the house look awkward. In most cases, lighter colors tend to do the job, especially if you have a small fireplace. And, if you are confused, make sure to consult a backyard remodeling contractor.

Add Lighting To The Fireplace

Adding some lighting to the fireplace can do wonders. You might already have some light from the house lighting up the fireplace but it needs to have its own considering the paint job or the tiles you install. Then again, you do not need to go for expensive lighting systems.

Opt for warm color LEDs that help make the outdoor fireplace look cozy and comfortable. If you plan on throwing parties or inviting some friends over, you can choose bright-colored LEDs that will give the place an energetic vibe.

Rebuild The Outdoor Fireplace

Sometimes, the best way to update something is to rebuild it from scratch. If your outdoor fireplace served you for 20+ years and you want it to look up-to-date and improve its performance, then have it rebuilt.

This will give you more creative freedom as compared to a mere update. Moreover, rebuilding an outdoor fireplace will ensure that you won’t need to repair the outdoor fireplace anytime soon. Plus, new fireplaces are more efficient and there are lower risks of leakages.

Make Sure To Maintain

Once you are done updating your outdoor fireplace, one thing you need to seriously keep in mind is outdoor fireplace maintenance. You might have come across many homeowners complaining that their fireplaces did not last long even after spending days’ worth of effort, time, and money.

This is solely because they fail to realize the importance of maintenance. Considering the fact that outdoor fireplaces have to bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions, it is highly likely that the paint job or the tiles will experience some damage as well.

In most cases, homeowners tend to wait for the situation to worsen so that they can get the job done entirely for once. While it may work for them, but not without spending additional money because the damage goes deep into the fireplace.

So, look out for any unusual signs and symptoms and clean the place regularly. This will help it look brand new for years to come.


Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above and hire an outdoor fireplace builder Long Island who can help you achieve comfort, practicality, and the perfect visual appeal.