How To Extend The Life Of A Commercial Deep Fryer?

Commercial deep fryers are heavy-duty machines specifically designed to cook a large batch of meals at the same time. In most cases, commercial fryers are used throughout the day, which can take a toll on their health and lifespan. However, one way to ensure that your commercial deep fryer performs effortlessly for years to come is through maintenance by a commercial appliances repair professional. Here’s what you should do to extend the life of your deep fryer.

Clean It Everyday

As mentioned earlier, commercial deep fryers are mostly used throughout the day which eventually turn into weeks and months. Like other commercial appliances that require regular maintenance, your commercial deep fryers needs it as well. Plus, since they are dealing with oil, there is a high chance, that grease, dirt, leftover food items, etc. create problems for the unit.

That said, the first thing you need to ensure when it comes to maintaining a commercial deep fryer is maintaining it every day, especially if you own a restaurant. If your business specializes in selling fried food products, then you need to be extra careful about the deep fryer as even a minor problem could halt the process and cost you customers let alone money.

The best time to clean a commercial deep fryer is when the restaurant has closed. You do not need to deep clean it every day but simply clean the exterior and oil and grease accumulation. For deep cleaning, make sure you hire an expert.

Clean After Changing The Frying Oil

A common mistake made by business owners is not cleaning the commercial deep fryer after changing the oil. The oil inside the deep fryer heats up via the heating elements that are immersed in oil. That said, it is equally important that you clean the heating components as well when there is an oil change.

If ignored, the heating elements will get covered with oil and grime, affecting the heating capability. However, depending on the model, the cleaning process of your commercial deep fryer may vary. Therefore, you will need to consult the user manual.

Furthermore, do not attempt to clean the heating elements right after turning it off because they will be hot. You should wait for the machine to cool down a bit and use the right tools and techniques to clean them.

Deep Clean

It is often that business owners confuse regular cleaning with deep cleaning. In reality, these are two different things. Deep cleaning is thoroughly cleaning the commercial deep fryer from the inside out. How often to deep clean your deep fryer depends on the usage frequency of the commercial deep fryer.

Moreover, when it comes to deep cleaning a commercial deep fryer, the task should always be performed by a professional. You have to keep in mind that commercial deep fryers have several different components. Therefore, if you were to do it on your own, not only will you risk injuring yourself but also damage the expensive components.

While looking for an expert, you will come across many that are willing to offer their services at a price lower than the market average. You might be tempted to hire them but bear that in your mind that you are taking a huge risk. An inexperienced individual will only ruin the machine and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

That is why, you should first reach out to the manufacturer. If they can send someone, you should not have to worry. However, if your deep fryer is old and the manufacturer does not offer services for older models, you will need to look around and ask your colleagues or friends for references.

You should also check with the manufacturer of your other appliances like the oven and steamer for service because manufacturers offer high-quality service. But if your appliances are a bit older, you should consult commercial steamer repair Alexandria technicians.

Additional Deep Fryer Cleaning Tips

In addition to deep cleaning your commercial deep fryer, it is important to be aware of other techniques that might affect the performance and lifespan of the unit. For instance, you should be careful about the quality of the oil you use. From the outside, frying oils may look the same but possess different qualities.

To begin with, you should make sure you use the oil recommended by the manufacturer and keep it within the recommended temperature range. Modern commercial deep fryers come with temperature control and you need to be familiar with how it works.

It is often that business owners prefer cooking food items at a higher temperature to speed up the process. That does not hurt if you are in a hurry but if you make it a habit, you will not only waste the oil but also damage the machine.

Additionally, you also need to filter the oil. Although, you will be changing the oil after every few uses, filtering the oil will keep the deep fryer clean and prevent affecting the taste of the food.

How Often Should You Clean Deep Fryer Oil?

If you are using the fryer daily, you will need to change the oil at least twice a week. However, if the deep fryer is used only a few times, then after a few weeks. Additionally, if you do not know to tell if the oil needs changing, you will need to take a closer look.

Try to smell the oil and see if it smells like burning. If it smells bad, you will need an oil change. Secondly, you can also check the condition of the oil via food. If your food smells or tastes burnt, it means the oil needs replacing. Finally, if the color of the food is darker than usual, it is a sure sign the oil needs to be replaced.

Can I Deep Clean The Fryer On My Own?

If for some reason, you are not able to hire an expert, you can deep clean the fryer on your own as well. The first thing to do is ensure the fryer is cool. So, wait until the fryer cools down. To do that, turn off the deep fryer and disconnect its cord from the power source.

Avoid accidents and use a thermometer to ensure the temperature is cool. Then, grab the user manual and use it as a guide to drain the oil. Place a bucket or something similar underneath to prevent spilling. If it is clean oil, you will need to properly cover and store it for a while until it can be used again.

Take out any removable parts like buckets, joiner strips, etc., and soak them in soap and hot water. The hot water will help oil and grease break down. Once that is done, use a soft cleaning brush and remove any leftover fried debris. For tougher spots, you will need to use special tools or simply your hand.

You can use off-the-shelf products to clean both the inside and outside of the fryer. Finally, rinse the areas using tap water and dry them with a soft cloth. Make sure you do not use abrasive chemicals or rough cleaning techniques that might damage the fryer.


You can increase the lifespan of your commercial deep fryer maintenance if you follow the tips mentioned above. The best way to ensure this is by developing a maintenance schedule and hiring a deep fryer repair Springfield expert for deep cleaning sessions and repairs. If not, you can always do it on your own provided you have the skills and tools.

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7 Disadvantages Of Porcelain Countertops

There are many countertop materials, and they’re used in kitchens, bathroom, and other places where countertops are necessary. Here is everything that makes porcelain a no-go material for a lot of people who are considering countertop replacement.

It Can Crack Easily

If you think that porcelain is a durable material, then think again. Yes, it’s not as fragile as marble where it can scratch and stain, but it’s not any less either. Porcelain is a very soft material and if you drop something on it from a reasonable height, then you better believe that the impact is going to impart some damage to the countertop.

This material can shatter like nothing else, and if you’re trying to test its strength by standing on top of it, then you’re going to break the countertops. It’s not advised that you put your entire weight on these countertops, because they won’t be able to sustain it. Also, knives are not meant to be used directly on the surface of porcelain countertops, because scratches will form and they won’t look pretty.

It’s also a nightmare to get these scratches filled without making things look too obvious and in certain lights, the gaps will show and that’s going to add to the unpleasantness of the appearance of porcelain. So, if a material is that fragile, then you should try your luck out with different materials that are going to last for a decent amount of time.

An Overall Fragile Material

You’ve heard of accidents during installation, but porcelain takes this scenario to a whole new level. It’s a very hard material to deal with because it’s heavy, but the heaviness doesn’t equal strength. It’s pretty much a pain in the neck to install.

Porcelain tiles might be a bit easier to install, but they’re too delicate and they can shatter upon impact with something heavy, so they’re a no-go. As for slabs, the bigger they get, the harder it will be for the contractor to install them in your bathroom or kitchen and small cracks and chips will be inevitable.

The installation of materials should be easy and if you’re holding your breath all the time, just because porcelain might break or chip, then is it the best choice of material to go for? You probably know the answer, but it’s not. It’s better to invest your time and money in a material that’s going to be installed a lot more easily and there won’t be any issues, because who likes a shattered countertop, right upon installation? Probably no one.

It Doesn’t Last Long

You might be sick and tired of hearing this, but porcelain just isn’t as durable as it is marketed to be. It is a beautiful stone to look at, no doubt, but beauty isn’t everything, most of the time. There are a lot of natural and man-made stones that surpass in strength and durability and they’re the ones that you need to go for.

Porcelain is also a pretty light material, so scratches can be highlighted pretty easily in certain lights as well. It can also stain like no other countertop material and that’s a huge bummer because the light-colored porcelain looks very muddy once there are stains on the surface.

As for general strength, you already got the gist, but it doesn’t last for centuries like granite and quartz and although it’s not as bad, the price you’re paying for does not make up for the longevity.

People prefer countertop materials that are going to last a decent amount of time, but if it’s something like porcelain, then it’s safe to say that it will only last you for a few years before you need to change the countertops because the damage will make itself known. So, if you need more durable countertops, select granite or quartz countertops NC. Quartz is even water-resistant.

Not So Famous

Porcelain, believe it or not, is not such a famous material. There are not a lot of retailers and manufacturers that specialize in porcelain and they only have it available, because people still use it in bathroom countertops and fixtures. However, if you think that porcelain has a high retail rate, then you’re gravely mistaken. It’s not a famous countertop material among people, which is why it doesn’t have any designated retailers as well.

There will be stores where people have porcelain available and they can make slabs for countertops, but there aren’t any independent manufacturers that solely deal with porcelain countertops, so that fact, itself, speaks for the popularity of the material.

It’s A Sponge

Porcelain, even though it’s used in bathrooms and kitchens, is not the best when it comes to protection against water and moisture. It’s a sponge that soaks up all of the liquid present on the surface and if water penetrates deep into the material, it can rot and get ruined like nothing else. Sealing porcelain is a must, but do you need this material, after all of the things you need to go through to protect from something inevitable?

There are a plethora of materials that you can choose from that won’t be ruined by water damage and they don’t even need to be sealed, like quartz, quartzite, and granite (although it does need to be sealed), and there’s not a whole lot of maintenance involved in these materials as well. So, if you’re trying to decide on which countertop material to choose, then take some time to make the right choice.

No Variety In Edges

Countertop edges are a very important thing to go over, but with porcelain, there aren’t a lot of choices to begin with. You can only go for straight-edged countertops or angled edges, other than these two options, there isn’t a single design that can be fabricated on this material. Why’s that, you ask?

Well, the main problem with porcelain is the fact that it’s extremely fragile, so during shaving and fabrication, the sides can break and chip and it’s just impossible to create any other edge design on the countertops.

It is highly frustrating because edges add a lot of character and beauty to the countertops and if you can’t have any edge design that your heart desires, then the material isn’t worth it, because there are a ton of other kitchen countertop materials out there that can be fabricated according to your preferences.

Adds No Value

Lastly, unlike granite and quartz, which are highly popular materials among people, porcelain doesn’t add any value to your house. There’s no return on investment, as far as this material is concerned and that can be pretty discouraging.

If you’re spending almost the same amount of money as granite, then you would expect that there would be some ROI, but with porcelain, that’s not the case. So, judging by the comparison, you already know which material is better, based on popularity.


If you like porcelain and want to give it a try, then you might want to stop and take another look at the things that break this material. You don’t want to put your money where it isn’t worth it. Get assistance from a granite countertop installer Durham NC to find out the best countertop material for your needs.

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7 Reasons Your Furnace Clicks But Doesn’t Turn On

A furnace is designed to keep your house warm and cozy when the temperature is freezing outside. The last thing you want is the furnace malfunctioning. Even if your furnace is properly maintained, it can still experience problems for which you will have to consult HVAC companies. Here are some tips that will help troubleshoot the problem.

Dirty Or Worn Motor Bearings

One of the reasons your furnace is clicking but does not turn on is dirty or worn-out motor bearings in the inducer or blower motor. Although bearings do not require frequent replacement and will last several years they do come with a lifespan.

If the fan shafts and inducer blower have layers of dirt and grime on them or have worn over time, they will produce a large clicking sound. Plus, a dirty or rusty shaft in the blower motor can also cause the bearings to click. To fix the issue, you can try cleaning the dirt and grime and lubricating the bearings.

Both cases will help reduce the clicking noise but if the furnace still does not turn on, the parts might need replacement. If the situation is beyond lubricating and the parts have simply worn, there is nothing much you can do but purchase new parts.

Gas Line Issue

Another common reason a furnace clicks but does not turn on is insufficient gas supply. This usually happens if the gas line connected to your furnace is either blocked or is too small to provide sufficient gas to the furnace. That said, if the gas valve or supply is obstructed, the furnace will not be able to receive enough gas to generate heat which will leave you with no warmth.

Once you have determined there is no fault with the furnace but with the gas supply, you will need to call a technician who can perform a thorough inspection of the system.

In addition to that, your furnace might also not turn on if it requires a gas line larger than the one it is using. Then again, you cannot change the gas line on your own and you do not need to. You can simply contact the manufacturer or the gas supply company and purchase an adapter that helps you connect to a larger gas line.

However, you will need to make sure the furnace neither receives too less nor too much gas. In the case of a furnace receiving too much gas, it might damage the internal parts. On the other hand, having too little gas is easily solvable by using an adjustable regulator.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Even though this is obvious, some homeowners still tend to ignore this common fact. If nothing else, check the thermostat and make sure it is set to heat. The temperature inside your house should be colder than the adjusted temperature. If neither of these issues works, you should try switching the fan switch to “ON” and see if the furnace turns on.

If the doesn’t, it most likely means that your thermostat either needs calibration or has malfunctioned. Keep in mind that a thermostat communicates with the furnace via signals. So, if there is a fault within, it won’t communicate properly and leave the furnace in a confused position.

If you have a modern furnace, the thermostat will display an error if something has gone wrong. To read the error, you will need to consult the user manual.

Replace The Air Filters

People having their first time with a furnace have a slight problem understanding the furnace system. As such, most of the time they are not even aware of the fact that furnaces also consist of air filters. These filters are designed to remove contaminants from the conditioned air supplied to the house.

Similar to the air conditioner, air filters tend to become clogged over time. This means for the furnace to function smoothly. The air filters need to be inspected regularly and cleaned. However, if that is not the case, do not be surprised if your furnace does not turn on.

Modern advanced furnaces are equipped with a bunch of safety features that force the unit to stop working if they sense anything wrong. That said, if the air filters are dirty, the unit will have a hard time distributing air. In some cases, it might also overheat.

As a result, the safety feature kicks in and forcibly shuts down the furnace to prevent expensive repairs and replacements. To avoid such issues, you should consult the user manual and follow the maintenance schedule.

Dirty Gas Burners

Not only do the air filters stop working in case of dirt and dust accumulation but also the gas burners. The gas burners need to ignite at the same time, flow, and height to ensure proper heat production. But if there is a problem with even a single burner, the heat production is not going to be efficient.

Then again, dirt and dust accumulation might be the cause. Gas burners often go ignored just because homeowners are scared to go near them. There is nothing to be nervous about if you have disconnected the furnace from the gas line.

Make sure that you do not use inflammable materials while working on or near the furnace or the gas line. Furthermore, cleaning dirty gas burners requires a lot of time and effort. We suggest hiring furnace repair services Arlington who will ensure your furnace is thoroughly clean from the inside out and repair or replace any faulty components.

Faulty Flame Sensor

If your furnace is clicking but is not turning on, you might have a problem with the thermocouple. The flame sensor detects faulty flame signals. Upon detecting the signal, it shuts down the furnace. If the flame sensor is faulty, it can cause your furnace to run continuously, eventually leading to overheating.

To fix the issue, you will need to call a professional who can take a closer look at the problem. If the flame sensor is broken, it will simply be replaced.

Faulty Ignition Sensor

The ignition sensor or pilot light is the most common reason a furnace clicks but does not turn on. However, determining and replacing a faulty ignition sensor is relatively easy to fix and you might be able to solve the issue on your own.

The first thing you need to do is grab the user manual and use the right tools to gain access to the ignition sensor. In most furnaces, it is located near the burners but depending on the make, model, and variant, the location might vary.

If the ignitor or sensor is dirty, it will need to be cleaned. Remove and clean it using a soft cloth ensuring you do not break it. Once you are done, re-install the sensor and turn on the gas supply to see if the furnace fires up.


Gone are the days when furnace problems were complicated to fix. All you need to do is determine the source of the problem and follow the tips mentioned above to fix it within a few minutes. However, make sure to keep an eye out for unusual signs and perform regular maintenance. Also, hire furnace services Tyson’s Corner when required for maintenance or repairs.


Selecting audio visual equipment for your event

Event planning is a jigsaw puzzle of numerous pieces, each as important as the other, to create a complete picture. One of these crucial pieces is the audio-visual equipment. Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, a wedding, or a casual party, the right audio-visual setup can significantly impact the event’s success. However, with the myriad of options and technical jargon, picking the ideal equipment can be a daunting task. So, live event production companies can help you out with this.

Selecting the right equipment

This article aims to guide you through the process, so you can make an informed decision that aligns with your event’s needs and budget.

Understand the Nature of Your Event

The first step in choosing the right audio-visual equipment is understanding the event’s core nature. A small poetry reading will have different needs compared to a rock concert or a business presentation. Knowing the type of event helps in narrowing down the essential equipment you’ll require. For example, corporate events often demand high-quality projectors and microphones for speeches and presentations, whereas music events prioritize excellent sound systems, mixing boards, and lighting rigs to enhance the experience. The venue’s size, the number of attendees, and the specific activities during the event also play a crucial role in defining what kind of equipment you’ll need.

Take Into Account the Venue Specifics

Once you have an idea of the event’s nature, it’s essential to consider the venue’s specific characteristics. The venue’s dimensions, acoustics, lighting conditions, and even the color of the walls can affect how your audio and visuals come across. If the event is outdoors, you’ll have to plan for weather contingencies, like waterproof speakers or protective coverings for your projectors. Remember, it’s not just about filling a space with sound and visuals but doing so effectively and appealingly. If possible, visit the venue ahead of time with an audio-visual expert to assess what kind of equipment would be most appropriate for your event or party.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s easy to get carried away and end up with an array of unnecessary gadgets that do little more than inflate your budget. To avoid this pitfall, prioritize quality over quantity. Invest in equipment that will significantly impact the attendee’s experience. If it’s a speaking event, don’t skimp on the microphones or speakers. If visuals play a critical part in the event, then a high-quality projector or LED wall might be worth the investment. It’s also essential to ensure compatibility among the devices; the last thing you’d want is to realize on the event day that your state-of-the-art projector isn’t compatible with the provided audio system.

The Importance of Technical Support

Choosing the right equipment is only half the battle; operating it effectively is equally crucial. Whether you hire the equipment or purchase it, ensure that technical support is available throughout your corporate event. Even the most advanced sound system can falter if not managed correctly. Having a team of experienced technicians or at least one expert on standby can be a lifesaver. Many vendors offer packages that include both equipment and technical support; taking advantage of such deals can be more cost-effective than sourcing them separately.

What is the importance of balancing sound levels?

The perfect audio setup at an event is like an unseen orchestra conductor—present but not overpowering, harmonizing various elements into a melodious experience for the audience. However, a poorly managed audio system can be highly disruptive, causing not just discomfort to the attendees but potentially derailing the event itself.

One common but often overlooked issue is that of clashing audio or imbalanced volume levels. The situation can arise when different audio sources are at odds with each other, creating an aural chaos that distracts from the main event. Usually, a professional audio visual rentals Maryland company will take care of such specifics and hence, you will not have to worry about it.

The Role of Acoustics and Space

To start with, it’s essential to recognize that the natural acoustics and dimensions of the venue play a significant role in how sound behaves. In a large hall, you might struggle with echoes, while in a smaller or oddly-shaped space, you could face challenges with audio “dead zones” where sound doesn’t carry well. Taking the time to understand the specific acoustic properties of your event space will help you better plan for sound setup. Employing a sound engineer to conduct an initial assessment can provide valuable insights into how to balance various audio sources to prevent clashes.

Understanding Source Hierarchies

In any event, multiple sound sources are usually present, each with a specific role. There might be a main speaker, background music, a presentation video, and even the noise from a bustling crowd. Understanding which sound source should take precedence at any given moment is crucial for avoiding audio clashes. For instance, when a keynote speaker is talking, their microphone should dominate the sound setup, with background music either significantly lowered or completely muted. Being attentive to such hierarchies and actively managing them during the event can prevent a cacophony of competing sounds.

Dynamic Audio Management

While event planning is crucial, real-time adjustments during the event are often necessary to maintain optimal audio balance. For example, you may find that the applause or laughter from the audience occasionally drowns out the speaker or that an unplanned announcement needs to be made. Dynamic audio management involves continually monitoring the sound environment and making immediate adjustments to ensure that no audio sources clash. This task often falls to the sound engineer, who uses a mixing console to control the volume levels of various sources, creating a balanced and harmonious aural experience.

The Significance of Sound Checks

One of the most effective ways to preempt audio issues is by conducting comprehensive sound checks before the event. This is the time to identify potential clashes, calibrate equipment, and ensure everything is functioning as intended. Sound checks should not be rushed or left to the last minute. Rather, they should be a deliberate process involving all stakeholders, including speakers, performers, and technicians, to confirm that each audio source is clear, at an appropriate volume, and harmonizes with other sources.


Choosing the right audio-visual equipment for your event is not just about selecting high-tech gadgets; it’s about understanding your event’s unique requirements, assessing the venue, and prioritizing essential, high-quality equipment. With proper planning and technical support, the right audio-visual setup can elevate your event from good to unforgettable.

Consider each choice carefully, consult experts when in doubt, and always remember that the purpose of these technological tools is to enhance the overall experience, not complicate it. Armed with this knowledge, you’re now better equipped to make the most out of your event production. You can always take help from event production services MD if you find yourself stuck.


Hidden Allergy Triggers And How To Avoid Them

More often than not, allergies are caused due to negligence on our part because there are a handful of hidden allergens out there that could trigger an allergy almost instantly. This is why you should figure with the help of your allergy doctor which allergens you have to avoid. Here are some hidden allergy triggers and ways to avoid them.

Hidden Allergy Triggers

Triggers or allergens are foreign compounds that are found in nature, as well as in different foods and animals, that can go into the bodies of people with weak immune systems and lead to severe allergies and reactions because there aren’t any antibodies to help fight off this invasion.

Allergens, most of the time, are hidden and microscopic. This can lead to a lot of issues, especially if you’re trying to figure out what type of allergy you suffer from and what you should avoid in order to prevent allergies and reactions from getting aggravated.

Here is a list of allergens or triggers that can be hidden in plain sight and, once inside your body, can lead to harmful reactions.

  • Pollen from flowers in the spring and summertime.
  • Dust mites, especially in dusty and isolated places.
  • Hay or ragweed, which are dried plants and can cause allergies.
  • Pet fur, saliva, and dander can easily inflame the skin and lead to reactions in the body.
  • Insects that bite, like bees, hornets, cockroaches, and more.
  • Certain foods like wheat, nuts, milk, and dairy are indigestible by the stomach.

How To Prevent Severe Allergies?

Here are some ways by which you can prevent allergens from entering your body and causing allergies.

Make Lifestyle Changes

There are a lot of lifestyle changes that you can make if you’re allergic to certain things and want to prevent the allergens from making things worse.

You should try to strengthen your immune system, by starting to exercise, eating good food, and taking daily supplements and vitamins, because a lot of the time, allergies and their corresponding reactions are caused by deficiencies in the body that could lead to a weak immune system.

Get An Air Purifier

It’s best to keep your windows closed, especially if it’s a windy day out, but if you still want to get some fresh air circulation in your room, then you need to look into buying an air purifier.

An air purifier is like a filter, but for your windows, where it filters the incoming air from the outside and removes all sorts of allergens, toxins, and other harmful substances, so that you can breathe easily, without worrying about inhaling allergens.

Invest In A Humidifier

One of the worst parts about getting allergies is that your nose and throat get extremely dry, even if you’re not actively going through an allergic reaction. This is where an air humidifier will be handy. An air humidifier makes the surrounding air moist, by diffusing small water droplets through a machine that looks kind of like a facial steamer.

Although it is not exactly a device used to prevent allergens from invading your body, it’s still a good investment for people suffering from allergies. You can even add essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil, to help soothe your nasal airways and you will see a huge difference in the way you breathe.

So, if this is something you suffer from, when getting an allergic reaction, then getting a humidifier is a good thing.

Carry Allergy Medicine

If you’ve already established that you suffer from a specific type of allergy and don’t want any unpleasant surprises, then it’s best if you carry your allergy medication with you at all times. You can carry your pills in your bag, in your pocket, or keep them in your car, in case of emergencies, so that you can treat the problem right away and feel better.

Try Allergy Shots

If you’re not a fan of constantly taking medicine, then you can also consider allergy shots administered in an allergy center Germantown. It is also known as immunotherapy and it’s a type of treatment, in which your immune system is exercised to be stronger, through the injection of allergens and triggers in your body. This invasion allows the body to fight off allergens naturally, by producing antibodies, and after a couple of appointments, you’ll see a significant difference.

Although immunotherapy is a great treatment option to consider, it doesn’t work for all kinds of allergies. So far, it’s been effective in getting rid of pollen, dust, hay, and some food allergies for good.

Choose Your Food Carefully

Food can also be the main culprit that can hide a lot of allergens in it. This is why you need to be careful when eating food, especially if you have a history of getting sick after eating foods like dairy, milk, cheese, nuts, oils, seeds, gluten, wheat, legumes, and more.

Food allergies are the most vigorous types of allergies and they can turn into medical emergencies pretty quickly, which is why you should be careful when making choices about what to eat, anywhere you go.

Maintaining A Good Hygiene

A huge chunk of treating and preventing allergies is by taking care of your hygiene. Good hygiene and clean surroundings will make all of the difference. You need to regularly change your clothes, even if you’re not going anywhere because allergens and triggers have a tendency to latch onto clothing and they can provide easy access to your eyes, nose, and mouth.

It’s also a good idea to shower as soon as you get home from outside because your skin can be covered in a number of allergens and you don’t want them going inside your body.

Eating A Balanced Diet

You can’t just rely on physical changes and hope that your allergies are gone for good. Aside from avoiding allergens, you should also make an effort to build the immunity of your body through a balanced diet.

After getting an idea about the food allergies and mineral deficiencies you have, it’s a good time to start making alterations in your diet. Try to eat whole foods, fruits, vegetables, legumes (if you’re not allergic), natural fats, and leafy greens. You can also get your daily fruit intake with freshly pressed juices and smoothies and those things are going to give you a boost of energy as well.

Take Proper Precaution

It’s good to be aware of allergens and triggers and this is why your own research matters a lot too. A lot of the time, people can turn a blind eye to matters like allergies and they tend to not take anything too seriously until the matter is out of their hands.

So, try to be cautious about your health and if you see any change in your health or a slight reaction to normal things, then you should immediately contact an allergist and get this problem sorted as soon as possible.


It’s good to know how hidden triggers can lead to severe allergies. Once you get rid of the root of the cause, aka the allergen or trigger, then allergies and reactions will be suppressed automatically. So, visit your allergy specialist Manassas for diagnosis and follow the treatments and precautions advised by your allergist.

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Why Won’t My Oven Turn Off?

Ovens are one of the most important kitchen appliances that allow you to consume warm meals. Like other electric appliances, ovens tend to run into problems such as not turning off. This could quickly turn into a frustrating issue especially if you want to get several meals ready. Sometimes, you have the only option to consult an appliance repair technician. However, you should not panic. We will share a few tips on how to troubleshoot an oven that fails to turn off.

Knobs, Dials And Buttons

The first thing you need to do if your oven is not turning off is inspect the knobs, dials, and buttons. Sometimes, dirt, dust, and grime accumulation impede the functioning of such components and might not allow the unit to turn off. The best way to fix the issue is by removing all the gunk inside the controls.

Before you begin the cleaning process, make sure to unplug and disconnect the unit from the main power source. Plus, the unit should not be hot. If it is, let it cool down first and then you can begin cleaning it. Grab the user manual and follow the instructions to remove the knobs, dials, and buttons.

If the unit happens to be old, be extra careful as the knobs, dials, and buttons may be sensitive. Use a soft toothbrush or any other cleaning item to access the narrow areas. Once you are done cleaning, reattach the components and try turning them on and off the unit.

While cleaning, also inspect the knobs, dials, and buttons for cracks and damages. If that is the case, it might prevent the unit from communicating or following instructions properly. And plus, opt for the exact replacements for the unit.

Control Board

The control board is the mother of all components inside the oven. It serves as the brain of the unit and receives commands from the user. When you adjust the temperature or the duration of the warming process, it is the control board that follows the instructions.

These are electrical components that last several years before giving up. Plus, control boards need a solid reason for replacement. In most cases, they wear out due to electric surges. Furthermore, there is also a chance that the control board becomes filled with soot and debris that causes it to overheat or miscommunicate.

To fix the issue, you will need to access the control board. Then again, consult the user manual to remove the unit’s cover and other parts. Once accessed, use a soft cleaning tool and liquid to remove the accumulation.

Keep in mind that you have to be extremely careful here as even a minor mistake can cost you the entire control board and they do not come cheap. Check the board for damage as well. If you spot any unusual signs, you will need to get it repaired and replaced.

Relay Board

The relay board is responsible for controlling and regulating the voltage in the oven’s heating element. The control board sends electrical signals to the relay board, which starts or stops the flow of electricity to the oven’s heating coils. If the relay board happens to be faulty, the control board will not be able to communicate with the relay board.

On the other hand, the relay board will not be able to receive signals from the control board. This means the relay board is broken and will need to be replaced. Simply access the unit by removing the outer parts. Remove the current relay board and replace it with a new one. Test the oven to see if it is working perfectly.

If the situation does not get fixed, you will need to consult an expert as the problem might be a bit more complicated.


A thermostat is another electronic component that keeps track of the temperature inside the oven. Once the unit has achieved the desired temperature the thermostat commends the control board to limit or stop the flow of electricity or gas. As a result, it tells the heating coils to stop heating.

If the unit happens to be old, it is likely that the extreme temperatures have caused the thermostat to malfunction. A sure sign that a thermostat has given up is the oven will fail to turn off. In this case, the thermostat will not communicate with the control board and will confuse the oven.

As a result, the oven will continue running now knowing that it has already achieved the desired temperature because the thermostat is not sending any signals. It could also be that the thermostat has lost its calibration.

To inspect the thermostat, you will need to access it and use a multimeter to check for continuity. If the device shows a negative reading, it means the thermostat will need replacement.

Depending on the make, model, and variant of the oven, it might be a bit difficult to replace the thermostat. So, either consult the user manual or an expert.

Thermostat issues are common in many appliances. Many times, a refrigerator is not cooling or not working due to a faulty thermostat. However, it should be inspected and replaced by a refrigerator repair Alexandria expert.

Bake Element

The bake element is responsible for heating up the air inside the oven. If the oven fails to turn off, the bake element will overheat to the point where it will glow red. This could damage the heating element beyond repair and might even start a fire in the worst-case scenario.

To troubleshoot the issue, you will need to turn off the oven and inspect the bake element for any damages. Make sure to access the element when the oven is cool. If the element happens to be broken, you will need to fix it.

Purchase a new replacement from the manufacturer and replace the existing one with it. Test the oven for proper functioning.

Broil Element

The broil element is similar to the heating element except for the fact that it is installed in the ceiling of the oven. If the broil element tends to malfunction, it might not allow the oven to turn off. Then again, you will need to access the element for inspection.

Such elements cannot be repaired and only be replaced. However, check the element using a multimeter. If it shows a negative reading, it means there is something wrong with it, and will need replacement.

Should I Replace My Oven If It Won’t Shut Off?

Electric ovens have a lifespan of up to 10 to 15 years if they are maintained properly. It is normal for electric appliances to run into problems and that does not mean you should replace your existing one every time. However, if the oven is old and regularly breaks down, you need to consider a replacement.

There is no point in spending money on expensive repairs and replacements, you can simply save that money and buy a new oven. A unit older than 10 years is not worth putting in the time, effort, and money.


An oven not turning off demands immediate attention. Follow the tips mentioned above to identify and kickstart the issue. However, you should also have an oven repair Northern VA expert on your side to help you with complicated issues. Plus, make sure to maintain the oven to prevent both minor and major problems down the road.


Graphene Vs Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

When it comes to protecting your car and keeping it looking as good as new, there are many professional products out there that do the job like paint protection films, graphene coating, and ceramic coating. Most people go for PPF, but many remain confused between graphene and ceramic paint coating. Let’s discuss the two and help you pick the right option.

Difference Between Graphene And Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Before we dive into the details, you need to understand the difference between Graphene and Ceramic Paint Protection Coating. To begin with, Graphene ceramic coating is basically a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal lattice.

It tends to be the thinnest and the most durable material on earth, which makes it preferable for paint-protecting a vehicle. However, a few years back, Graphene coatings were not much popular. Increasing competition and prices have forced manufacturers to come up with customer-friendly products including Graphene coating.

Today, Graphene coating is relatively more robust and offers improved protection against external factors. Furthermore, Graphene coatings are less prone to water beading when compared to ceramic coatings due to lower reactivity.

On the other hand, ceramic coatings tend to be the most popular type. Manufacturers introduced this product for vehicle owners who wanted to keep their vehicles protected against harsh conditions. When applied, ceramic coatings bond to the paint, and the molecules link together to form a barrier.

Unlike Graphene, Ceramic coatings are made using Silicone or other types of Silicates. Ceramic coatings go a long way in protecting your vehicle against UV rays and other such factors. However, both Graphene and Ceramic coatings cannot protect the vehicle against scratches.

Why Is Graphene Better Than Ceramic Coating?

With time, the debate between Graphene and Ceramic coating has turned hotter. There are several reasons why Graphene coatings tend to be better than ceramic coatings. To begin with, as mentioned earlier, Graphene is a lot thinner and stronger than Ceramic coating.

This means it provides more and better years of protection against environmental damage. On top of that, Graphene is also more environmentally friendly and cheaper to produce. And finally, Graphene coatings are better at heat absorption, which keeps the vehicles protected against corrosion and rust.

Pros And Cons Of Graphene Vs Ceramic Coating

Now that we have discussed the basic difference between Graphene and Ceramic coating, it is not time to look at the pros and cons.

Graphene coatings when compared to ceramic coatings are thinner and stronger. Plus, it is cheaper to produce, which allows companies to make good profits having sold to both customers and commercial users. However, the only drawback is that Graphene coating is widely available and may require slightly different techniques to apply.

Meanwhile, ceramic paint protection coatings are still far more popular and widely available. Ceramic coatings are thicker than Graphene coatings offering slightly better protection against scratches. And, when it comes to production, they are far more expensive but will do a splendid job of protecting the paint.

How To Apply Graphene Coating?

Graphene coating can be applied in three different ways i.e. spray, roll, and dip coating. Spray coating tends to be the most popular application type. The reason is that it equally covers the panels and provides a thin coating. However, you will need to use a high-quality sprayer for the car.

On top of that, it is better if a professional applies the product. This is because, if you were to do it on your own, you might miss out or overspray on a few panels. As a result, the Graphene coating may not last as long as it is supposed to.

How To Apply Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is usually applied by hand. Before application, the vehicle is prepared for the coating to bond to the paint properly. If there is dirt and dust, the coating will not stick to the paint.

Unlike the installation of PPF and car window tinting Springfield, the installer uses a microfiber applicator and drops a few ceramic coating drops depending on the panel size.

Using slow hand movements, the expert ensures all the pieces are equally covered. Once the ceramic coating has been applied, it is then cured for the paint to become properly protected.

Are Ceramic Or Graphene Coatings Worth It?

Both ceramic and graphene coatings offer splendid protection. This easily makes them superior to all types of waxes and sealants. Plus, considering the demand and the features, more and more manufacturers are trying to come up with advanced Graphene and Ceramic coatings to attract customers.

However, there is a significant price difference between the two. Ceramic coatings are more popular and pricier than Graphene coatings. There was a time when Ceramic coatings were only available to professional detailers.

However, today, majority of the car fanatics prefer coating the vehicles on their own which has forced the manufacturers to make the coatings available for the customers as well. But then again, if you have the budget to spend, both coatings types will offer impressive protection.

How Much Do Graphene Or Ceramic Coatings Cost?

Ceramic coatings can cost somewhere around $200 to $2,000 depending on the brand and the size of the vehicle. Meanwhile, a bottle of Graphene coating costs $19.95 and can offer 6 months of protection. However, if you were to get it applied by a detailer, the cost will surely go up and so will the protection duration.

The total cost of applying both types of coatings depends on the vehicle size, detailer, and other external factors. If the vehicle tends to be a supercar, the application will cost a lot more than a regular vehicle due to complex angles and build.

So, you will need to take your vehicle to a detailer for the exact price estimate as they will measure your vehicle and count the pieces that will need to be protected.

Do Coated Vehicles Require Maintenance?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that both ceramic and graphene coatings will only last depending on how you look after the vehicle. These coatings have a life that you can either help reduce or prolong based on your maintenance schedule and techniques.

This means that you will need to invest in proper tools and equipment to prevent the coating from getting damaged. Plus, you will also have to develop the right technique to wash and dry the car. Otherwise, you will simply be damaging the coating and filling the car with swirls.

Coated vehicles need to be washed using shampoos using proper hand movement. Using only water to rinse the vehicle will again damage the coating. If you do not possess the basic skills and techniques, you can consult an expert and ensure things are done the right way each time you wash your vehicle at home.


Both Graphene and Ceramic coating provides the best bang for the buck. However, it comes down to the price, type, and personal preferences. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to get the vehicle coated by an expert from an authorized protective car film shop Springfield and use the right techniques and tools to make your money worth it.


How To Organize A Food Festival?

Food festivals are fun and a great way to get people to gather around for a good time. If you’re trying to look for ways to organize your own food festival, get in touch with event rentals, and use these tips.

Get Legalities Out Of The Way

Hosting a food festival isn’t just about looking for a venue, hiring vendors, advertising it, making people come and dusting your hands off. There are a lot of legal permissions that you need to take before you can even think about hosting an event like this.

You will need permits from the area’s district office. You will also need a license to show the authorities that you’re eligible for hosting these kinds of events and all that jazz. These papers are important to have, because sponsors won’t be willing to work with you, if you hint at them that you’re not legit and haven’t taken proper protocol to execute an outdoor food festival.

Plan Out The Foods

The next most important thing to figure out is the types of foods you’re going to be having at the festival. Since it is a food festival, it’s good to hire vendors that do variety of different foods.

In any case, you’ll need to make a number of very important calls to several food vendors and propose your terms and make a negotiation. Before doing any of that though, you’ll need to thoroughly plan out a food menu, that you’ll have at your event.

Consider Entertainment Options

A festival isn’t complete without good entertainment to keep the guests happy. There are a lot of ways by which you can throw in entertainment throughout the festival. One of the easiest ways to do so, is to get a band to play live music. It will be like a mini concert within the food festival.

You can also approach town celebrities to make a presence in your food festival, and if you really want to be on point with the whole food theme, then you can have famous chefs come in for a visit and have a meet-and-greet with people. Try to do something unique and different because that is what’s going to keep the guests hooked and entertained throughout the entirety of the festival.

Offer Variety

A food festival will only be successful if you have variety to offer, especially when it comes to food. You need to figure out a way to incorporate different cuisines and foods from different countries and cultures, because those are what define a successful food festival. Your aim should be to have all of the known cuisines and foods under one roof, where people can get a taste of every single thing you have to offer.

Try to have fusion cuisines, along with the typical ones, like Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian, French, exotic cuisines and more. There’s nothing more off-putting than a food festival where there’s no variety at all, because the main gist of a food festival is to go to a place and taste all types of food, without having to visit that specific country, and as a bonus, if there are great fusion cuisines, then that’s even better.

The Venue

Another very important thing to consider when planning to host a food festival, is the venue. The venues of food festivals are quite different from other ones, because they need to have a huge expanse and they usually are outdoor areas.

There are certain food festivals that can take place in huge convention centers, but the best venue to go for is the great outdoor space. You can set up stalls, kiosks and tents for different food stations and if the weather is amazing, then that’s a huge bonus. Outdoor food festivals are the most popular ones, so you want to select an outdoor space for yours as well and find event tent rentals Rockland NY who offer the right tents and other items for the festival.

Bridge The Communication Gap

If you’re confused as to what types of foods you should include in your food festival, then the best way to ask for help, is from your target audience. To do this, you’re going to want to take full advantage of social media platforms and ask your followers and audience what foods and cuisines they prefer the most.

You can do surveys or polls and figure out what the audience likes the most. From there, you can create a perfect food plan for your festival and people are going to love it, because it’s essentially their choice, coming to life, at your festival.

Advertise It Right

Since you got the planning aspect of a food festival out of the way, but now you need to think about how you’re going to attract people and make them attend said festival. Well, this is where you can use social media again, but as an advertising platform and this is where you’re going to attract your target guests and audience.

You want to make the festival look attractive and unique and your marketing skills really need to be on point, to gather a huge flock of people to your festival.

Have A Budget

Having a budget is important for any kind of event, but it’s even important for a big event like a food festival, where there are going to be a lot of people attending. With planning big events like these, the budget can sometimes, slip under the cracks and it can be really hard to keep up with the spending and finances.

That’s why it’s really important that you have a budget, either physical or digital, so that you can keep your spending on track and don’t stray off the path of what you actually want to spend on.

Talk To Sponsors

For outdoor events like food festivals it can be hard to manage things on your own, which is why you’re going to need help from people like sponsors. Sponsors are kind of like stakeholders for an event and they can put money into your event and co-host with you.

There can be a lot of benefits of sponsors, like good publicity, better marketing and most of all less expenses, but they can also be hard to approach. So, you want to figure out the best way to propose your deal to them, so that it becomes hard for them to decline.

Keep It Organized

Lastly, you want to keep everything in the festival organized. There is nothing worse than hosting a festival that’s haphazard and people are having a hard time getting around. There should be basic amenities like bathrooms, proper entries and exits, and other things to prevent the guests from feeling confused and overwhelmed.

The festival should be in a venue that’s spacious, so that it can accommodate a large number of people. You also want to have the stalls and food stations arranged in a proper way so that everything is in order.


A food festival may seem like a summit to conquer, but it’s actually not that hard, especially if you break it down into manageable chunks. You’ll be hosting a successful food festival in no time with these tips. Just make sure to hire vendors and party chair rentals Rockland NY for the event early in the planning process.


10 Divorce Advices You Should Know

Divorces can be pretty hard to deal with. There’s no hiding the fact that a lot of people go through their fair share of emotional turmoil during the proceeding of a divorce and need the skills and resources of a divorce attorney. Here are some helpful things which can be a great boost for you, during this tough time.

Take Care Of Yourself

Divorces are no joke. They can really put you through the wringer and if you don’t want to lose yourself in this tedious process, then it’s crucial that you understand the importance of taking care of yourself during this time.

It’s easier said than done, and a lot of the time, it might be tempting to give up everything and just stay holed up in your room, but you want to force yourself out of this rut. Look after yourself, eat good food, and stay active and healthy, because this too, shall pass.

Be Financially Stable

This advice is very important for all of the women out there. During a divorce, it’s very common to be drained financially. Divorces are expensive because you need to pay lawyers and there’s just a lot of money that goes into a divorce proceeding. If you were not working during your marriage, then it’s a good time to start now.

You want to pick yourself back up and become independent and financially stable. It might be scary to start, but you have to believe in yourself and this is what’s going to get you through.

Seek Therapy

It’s not bad to admit that you need help with your mental health, and in case of a divorce, it’s even more important because it’s quite a mentally draining process for a lot of people. No matter if you’re a man or woman, going through a divorce is tough, and one way to keep yourself sane during this time is to seek therapy.

You can join divorce support groups or can have a one-on-one session with a therapist. What’s important is that you let your feelings and thoughts out and not keep them bottled up. This is very healthy for your mind and soul and you will instantly feel better.

Have A Strong Support System

You don’t have to go through a divorce alone. Sometimes, it’s good to be surrounded by family and the people who love you unconditionally. You might want to be alone most of the time, but it’s good to have people around you who care for you, no matter what. This is why it’s important that you don’t let their efforts go to waste.

Try to mingle with your friends as much as you can, to try to take your mind off the divorce or the proceedings. It’s also a good time to gather your family around and have a good chat. These small things will make you feel so much better and it will definitely be a nice distraction for you.

Get A Good Lawyer

This is the biggest and most important advice you can get, about a divorce. Getting a good divorce lawyer Fairfax VA will make things very easy. It will not only wrap up the proceedings quickly and you’ll be done with this unpleasant time of your life.

Your lawyer can also tackle all of the important stuff that you might have a hard time doing because lawyers deal with these kinds of things on a daily basis. Yes, you will have to pay a decent fee to the lawyer, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Don’t Jump Into Relationships

Divorces can make you feel angry and while that’s a valid emotion, you shouldn’t let it control your actions. You might be tempted to get back at your ex-spouse by showing that you’ve moved on, by getting into a relationship, but that’s not good at all, neither for your mind nor for the divorce currently being proceeding.

You want to resist the urge to jump into a relationship at once, because this might make your case weak in court, and not only that, it will also block out your emotions, which isn’t a good thing.

You need to let all of your pent-up aggression out in a healthy way, and there are tons of ways to do so, rather than getting involved with someone. This will not give you enough time to process the trauma and it will be bad for your mental health.

If you want to show your soon-to-be-ex spouse that you have moved on, remodel your place if you have some money to spare.

Don’t Settle For Reconciliation

This is actually quite common, believe it or not. A lot of the time, one spouse backs off from the divorce and tries to reconcile. This is not how you want your divorce proceeding to go. It’s going to mess with your brain and you won’t be able to move on.

Asking for a divorce in the first place creates a huge rift in the marriage and one can’t downplay the hurt by trying to back off the claim. If your spouse is asking for a divorce, then there’s probably something wrong in the relationship, and it’s better that it ends because prolonging it will only add to the hurt.

Avoid Making Decisions By Yourself

A lot of the time, couples can go for a DIY divorce and that’s not a good idea, generally. You don’t want to make decisions by yourself, because you both are not in the right state of mind to do so.

It’s better to have the lawyers deal with all of the drama and come to a decision for legal separation or divorce because that’s going to be best for both of you. You don’t want to put yourself through the turmoil of going through a divorce by yourselves when you’re already hurting and confused.

Divide Assets Justly

This advice is super important for men to follow, who think that it’s going to ensure their “safety” and they don’t want to “give away their hard-earned money in a divorce settlement”. The judges and lawyers are going to sense this and they might demand an audit done on your assets.

This is going to eventually bring everything out in the open and not only will it be humiliating, but you will lose everything you were trying to protect, so it’s better to not hide your assets at all.

Avoid Being Selfish

It’s very easy to forget, during a divorce, that you are two people who have spent the majority of your life together and have been through a lot. This is not the time to be selfish. If a man is the primary breadwinner of the family, then it’s important for him to financially support his wife, even if they’re getting divorced.

Technically, you aren’t divorced until the settlement is complete, so you still have some sort of responsibility for your spouse and you should come through during this hard time.


Divorces can put a toll on your mental health, no matter if you’re a man or woman, it’s going to be hard. Hopefully, these pieces of advice will help you sail through the divorce with much-needed strength, a new perspective, and motivation for the next step ahead. Be sure to follow the lead of your family attorney Fairfax VA because they have the experience to guide you better.

Home Improvement

Why Are People Using Quartz Instead Of Granite Countertops?

If you know anything about granite, then you would have heard about its popularity in the kitchen as a great material for countertops. However, nowadays, there is another stone taking over granite, and that’s quartz. Here’s everything you need to know as to why people are choosing quartz kitchen countertops over granite.

Quartz Is Less Expensive

You might have a slight idea about the price of granite and how it’s one of the most expensive kitchen countertop materials in the world. Granite is a beautiful and durable material, but the hefty price isn’t justified at most times, by a lot of people.

On the contrary, however, quartz is actually a very cheap alternative to granite. It is just as durable (if not more) and it comes at a pretty reasonable price, so it’s literally a win-win situation. However, don’t expect a huge cost difference between quartz and granite.

Provides More Durability Than Granite

Granite is a hard material, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t get damaged by things like water and moisture. Quartz, on the other hand, is a lot more durable than granite in many ways.

For starters, it doesn’t chip or crack near the edges, which is a huge problem area for granite. Quartz is a very hard and strong material and it will last for a long time, without all of the hefty maintenance and caring.

With quartz, you can literally set it and forget it, which is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands to maintain kitchen countertops, on a regular basis.

Doesn’t Need To Be Maintained

If you know anything about granite, then it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that it is a maintenance-heavy material. There are so many areas that you need to look after, when it comes to maintaining granite counters, and frankly, that’s the reason why people don’t go for it.

Quartz, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be maintained on a regular basis. You don’t even need to seal it, which is a mandatory step in granite, otherwise, it will get damaged by water and moisture. So, you don’t just save a lot of money when buying quartz, but you also save a lot on maintenance costs, which is a huge plus.

The Texture Of Quartz Is Better

There is something about quartz, which is so appealing, especially the surface, because it’s so smooth and the texture is very even too. The appearance of granite is a huge selling point for a lot of people, but in comparison, quartz looks a lot more clean and crisp the appearance of quartz is downright beautiful and it will sate the inner minimalist in you if you want to go for something which has minimal designing and a beautiful look.

There is no harsh veining or dark colors on quartz, which a lot of people don’t find appealing at all, so it’s perfect.

It Is More Environmentally Friendly

Granite is a natural stone that is quarried from the Earth in huge slabs and stones and then, they are taken to factories where they are cut into more manageable pieces. This can cause a lot of damage to the environment and there’s also a depletion of natural resources.

Quartz, if you didn’t know this already, is a man-made material and it is made with packing broken rocks and sediments, combined with resin until it forms a solid surface which is a perfect addition to your kitchen.

This quality of quartz makes it less hazardous to the environment than granite. Yes, there is a lot of manpower and energy that goes into the making of quartz as well, but it’s not nearly as much as that of granite. As a bonus, quartz is also more long-lasting, which means fewer chances of replacements or repairs.

It Is Stain Resistant

Stains are a huge issue with granite countertops, which is why they need to be sealed so that no water or any other liquid can seep into the surface and ruin the look of the countertop. As for quartz, though, there is no issue of stains because it is non-porous in nature, from the start.

There are no pores on the surface of quartz, which makes the possibility of stains almost zero and you don’t even need to seal it in order to prevent stains from forming on the surface. This feature is greatly appreciated by a lot of people because let’s be real; who wants to maintain a countertop material regularly? This is also why people prefer quartz over granite.

Quartz Is Easy To Clean

Granite is very reactive if it comes into contact with acids and it can form huge holes on the surface. Acidic cleaners can eat away the material and this can ruin the countertop over time.

Luckily for quartz, there is nothing you need to worry about. It is very easy to clean and it can even be cleaned with regular soap and water. You don’t need to spend a fortune on specialty cleaners, because quartz is pretty low maintenance, in this way too.

There Is A Lot Of Variety

Granite countertops Rockville are available in a variety of darker colors, but if you want to go for some lighter and neutral options, then quartz has you covered. There is a whole lot of variety in colors in quartz, so much so that you can get confused as to which color you should go for. There are light and bright colors, neutral and warm varieties, and there are also a couple of darker colors that you can choose from.

Quartz is known for its light and neutral tones which is typically the first choice of most people because it’s that beautiful.

Repairs Are Easy

Quartz is a lot easier to replace and repair, in comparison to granite. With granite, you need to have a professional come in and deal with stains and water damage and the best way to rectify this issue is to sand it down. This can actually weaken the material and it can lead to the countertops looking uneven most of the time.

With quartz, however, the repair is super easy and you can even do it by yourself if there’s a small stain or crack here and there. Quartz countertops will definitely make your life a lot easier.

It’s Water Resistant

Last but not least, quartz is water resistant as well. This is also due to it being non-porous. Water doesn’t get sucked into the material, rather it beads up on the surface and you can clean it up right away with a swipe of a cloth.

Granite is definitely not friendly with water. It can get severely damaged by water, which is why it needs to be sealed in the first place. Sealing is not only tedious but adds up as you go, too. With quartz, there is no water damage.


Granite is great and all, but there’s obviously something more about quartz and why people are choosing this material over granite for their kitchen countertops. Find a quartz countertops dealer Potomac to see the different qualities of quartz and a huge variety of quartz colors.